"Always pleasure to share on this page some soundworlds emerging from my home country Slovakia, more especially if our ambient related scene is really microscopic. Peter Gregor is the sole protagonist behind Project Gregus and his sonic sculptures dive into medieval, black ambient infused terrains with strong narrative moods, which I believe fit under dungeon synth style created by Mortiis back in the middle of the 90's. Usually I try to avoid using comparisions in my posts, but since I am quite an outsider to this particular style, thus this little aid. If I remember correctly, I only heard three Mortiis CDs around 1994-95, when he joined Cold Meat Industry, so I have no idea how this style evolved over the time. "Hope Again" is the second album by Project Gregus, it's available on a glass mastered format and it's out since April 1st on Peter's own Greg Records. His debut CD album "When Something Beautiful Comes To The End" was released back in 2012."  

Richard Gürtler - reviewer of projects in amient, tribal and deep space genres (May 2018)

"Who remembers the King's Quest computer game series? Castlevania? The Legend Of Zelda?" Project Gregus sounds a bit like their midi keyboard soundtrack. Except for the play "My Unfulfilled Dream", to be found on his first work published by own Greg Records, where Peter Gregor alias Gregus also sings. Which is so obscure, archaic and homemade that it could actually spark a post - postmodern Castle-Chiptune hype - if Gregor would imitate a hip indie label or Sierra Entertainment in his artwork, rather than a graphic artist of Castle Hochosterwitz."

Michael Giebl - Skug portal reviewer (March 2013)